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Instagram has become one of the main platforms to find inspiration on almost any topic. Among them, sports. And is that if you’re looking to get in shape, discover alternative sports, or find guides, tips and exercise suggestions of all kinds (from weights, cardio and even stretching in the office), the instagramers of sport will be your best source of inspiration.
Another reference in the fitness world is David Marchante, whose account, @powerexplosive, has gone from 772,498 to 1,124,719 followers. almost nothing! He had experienced a notable rise in our previous ranking, and in this one he remains in second place with videos like this one we show you.
Better known for being a model, Vanesa Lorenzo shares on her Instagram account her day to day where healthy eating, beauty, art, fashion and of course sport (like yoga), are protagonists. She goes from 401,973 to 424,328 followers, and from position 5 to 6 in our ranking of the most popular instagramers in the sports sector in our country.

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It is more than plausible that at this moment this topic is going through your head, and calm because it is the right thing to do. At a time when everyone is trying to sell themselves by promising steps or tricks to follow that seem to be «miraculous», it is completely natural that you have some doubts about whether what they are offering is the best option.
Of course, nowadays we can’t put our hand in the fire for anyone in these topics of physical exercise or nutrition as in many others. But, yes, we want to give you the guidelines that you should review or check to lead to know the veracity of the path of those fitness accounts that show their knowledge in social networks:
Although sport is something of vital importance when it comes to maintaining a healthy visa, food also plays an essential role. For this reason, we would like to start this recommendation of accounts with the profile of Realfooding. This is the company formed by Carlos Ríos, the precursor of the Real fooding movement, together with his team. Among all their publications we will find healthy recipes of all kinds for breakfasts, lunches, desserts, snacks, etc.

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Whether you are a regular user of Instagram or not, you will know that this social network is home to a large number of profiles dedicated to all kinds of topics: from beauty and personal care, through fashion, technology or cooking and of course, fitness. Thanks to the content of some of these users we can learn a lot of things without having to spend hours searching the Internet.
One of the most popular topics on Instagram is healthy living, made up of those accounts that upload healthy recipe ideas and those dedicated to fitness itself. Although many of them focus on both: workouts and healthy nutrition. Whether it’s because you’re into fitness or because you want to start living a healthier life, keep reading this article because we’ve selected for you the best Instagram accounts specialized in fitness that you should start following today. Let’s take a look at them.
This account belongs to a YouTuber specialized in sports and nutrition and already accumulates almost half a million followers on Instagram. Elena Malova’s account tackles a lot of disciplines: from yoga and pilates to strength or high intensity exercises. You can train by following her videos or her Instagram Stories.

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If you have practiced this discipline before, you will know more or less how this kind of routines are usually divided. Generally, in the video description, the instructor specifies the type of exercise and what the purpose is.
One of the things we like most about Elena Malova is not only that she organizes her videos by time (you have from ten-minute stretches to classes that exceed one hour) but also that she focuses on objectives that are really good for more than one of us: exercises to relax neck and back, yoga by levels, practices to strengthen and flex the back, relaxation … A real channel for yoga lovers in which you will learn and enjoy controlling mind and body.
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