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Yoga for everyone The group classes are held in person and, simultaneously, live online, from Monday to Sunday with free schedules.    They are taught by Swami Krishnananda (Yoga Acharya and yoga teacher trainer) and Durga Devi.
The knowledge and wisdom of Yoga must be successfully reflected in our daily life. Retreat life is necessary to consolidate habits and practices that otherwise could not bear fruit in our daily life.
In addition to physical practice, we organize individual and group workshops to deepen the study, observation and practice of Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra, Kirtan, Sanskrit, Kundalini Chakras, traditional Kriya Yoga techniques, Vedic ceremonies and Food.


BienvenidoThis Ashram along with the rest of the Ashrams Network of the Cultural Network for Human Fraternity RedGFU, works as a Center for Human Development, Environmental and Transcendental Education, in an attempt to create points of light in the world. Sometimes we can share with a Master with whom to explore your heart, your emotions and your mind, all this in nature, in a place impregnated with that consciousness that seeks the Great Universal Fraternity, if you need to do a course or workshop, here you have a wonderful place, become a member or sympathizer. We are waiting for you.

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Carolina is always concerned about helping the student achieve their maximum during the class, correcting…”-Verified review by Daniela S.View all profilesFind a yoga teacher in MadridMEISSA BIENESTARMeissa BienestarMadrid3 reviewsMEISSA BIENESTAR is a new center where the goal is always your improvement.
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Based on ideology, technique, anatomy, nutrition… See all profilesYoga InstructorMonica Rubio GarciaMadridInstructor Qualified by the Community of Madrid of Hatha Yoga, a long professional experience in both collective and individual level.

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Those who practice kriia ioga today describe it as an “ancient” system of yoga “revived” in 1868 by Lajiri Majashaia (1828-1895), in the name of his teacher Mahavatar Babaji (mid-19th century).
Yogananda, the main disseminator of kriia-ioga in the West during the first half of the 20th century, claimed that the Hindu god Krishna would have mentioned this discipline in the Bhagavad Gita on two occasions, although not explicitly:
By giving the inhalation of the breath to the exhalation of the breath, and by giving the exhalation of the breath to the inhalation of the breath, the yogi neutralizes both breaths; in this way he frees the vital force of the heart and manages to master it in its totality.
A direct disciple of Sri Yukteswar Giri, Sri Sailendra Bejoy Dasgupta wrote that “kriia-yoga comprises various techniques that have been mentioned in the Bhagavad-gita (‘the song of the Opulent One [the god Krishna]’, circa 3rd century BC), the Yoga-sutra (circa 150 BC), the Tantra-shastra and other yoga concepts.