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El libro de Xuan-Lan «Yoga para mi bienestar» quiere ayudar al lector a encontrar su propio camino holístico de forma fácil y práctica. Si buscas un libro ameno de leer para adentrarte en la búsqueda de tu bienestar interior, este es el libro ideal para ti o para regalar a tus seres queridos.
Xuan-Lan habla de la meditación, la atención plena y la respiración, guiando al yogui para que ponga en práctica esta antigua filosofía.También incluye deliciosas recetas y un compendio de canciones que llenarán tu día a día de bienestar y felicidad. A través de 3 etapas (en 15 capítulos), podrás crear tu propio camino, digiriendo a tu ritmo lo que la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu te pidan.1ª etapa: Observar, escuchar y reconectar contigo mismo2ª etapa: Limpiar, depurar y reiniciar3ª etapa: Disfrutar, profundizar y compartir
Cristina A.Entrega perfecta y el interior aún másLourdes G.El tapete es perfecto. Me encanta el libro. Gracias. kenyarodriguezTodo perfecto.gemma.unioRecibí mi pedido en perfecto estado y en poco tiempo. Perfecto GraciasmarcianoguardadoDos pedidos y todo bien

Decathlon yoga mat

If the pressure of your hand leaves an imprint on the mat, it means that it lacks density and it is a mat to be comfortable stretched for gymnastics, pilates and stretching exercises, but not for yoga. If the mat is not non-slip, our hands and feet will slip, which in addition to being uncomfortable will force us to put more tension to hold the position.
The length of a yoga mat is usually approx. 170-180cm, so if we do a plank, our hands and feet must be inside the mat. There are also longer XL mats of 1.90 or 2m. The standard width is usually 60-65cm, but recently new wider sizes are coming out.
It is a very personal criteria, but keep in mind that a good quality mat will last longer and consider it as an investment. There are from 20 euros to 110 euros, depending on the brand, material and quality. For Lan, you should avoid the very cheap mat because its quality will match the price and it will break down quickly.

Travel yoga mat

Are you aware that you saved the lives of many of us during confinement? I didn’t realize it until I went out on the street and discovered that people recognized me, even when I was wearing a mask, by my voice. I have heard that phrase «you saved me during the confinement» hundreds of times. I find it very strong… It is true that I made an effort; for 75 days I gave daily classes at half past six in the evening to help people, and when I saw that thousands of people connected, I knew that I helped. But now I receive through my social networks between 50 and 200 messages a day, most of them of gratitude. Seeing that my work touches people’s souls is a gift of life.
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Therefore, on this page you will find a selection of products to practice yoga at home or in your school, from eco-friendly yoga mats, to accessories such as gloves, cleaners for your mat and even meditation items such as singing bowls, salt lamps, incense and blankets to be comfortable in your yoga sessions.
Similarly, if you are already a serious yoga practitioner, looking for better quality yoga equipment, here you can also find a selection of products more focused on extending your hours of practice that will stand up to more demanding conditions. With tough, sweat-wicking yoga materials that offer good grip and durability. Just what you’re looking for for a safe and efficient asana practice.
For yogis who need to purchase a mat to take on a trip, in the yoga mats section you will find a selection of what we consider to be the best mats to carry in your bag or backpack.