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Starts out as a family drama with built-in sci-fi. Then it tastes of cop, espionage and filler intimacy. Finally, and after stretching like a chewing gum from the eighth episode, it opts to stay in the «whitey» police, not very explicit.
Denouement: all the plots close with a certain internal logic. The script is careful to tie up ends. But each story ends in a notorious and underlined happy ending. With smiles and revelry included. The final twenty minutes are a disguised cameo of Mickey Mouse.
An important development of robotics is deduced, given that they are able to relate normally with humans, hold conversations, attend to all kinds of functions. The problem comes from the inconsistency between what this technological advance means and how it is presented to the rest of society. If we accept that science has advanced enough to develop fully autonomous robots, it is difficult to see combustion vehicles all over the city. Humans are even enhanced with various implants that give them information and even advertising on their own skin. So in my opinion, the producers have wanted to make a futuristic series but with totally insufficient means, and that makes it totally unbelievable. As for the characters, of little interest, the plot that arises in the first episode is more than used and does not confer any interest, divorced couple struggling to rebuild their lives and with a fight for custody + rebounded teenager.

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Unfortunately, the end result is closer to crime thriller than sitcom. Adding to the CRONOS chase is the police investigation of an old detective with frustrated aspirations, who doesn’t trust robots. In addition, Russian society is being shaken by a growing hatred of machines emerging from a violent group of people. The debate is the same as always: why hate or distrust androids if you trust your computer or your toaster? For many, these robots are just a newer extension of the technology that humans have been developing for centuries; for others, it is the end of civilization. A somewhat belated opinion considering that this society has some sort of digital screens on their forearms that serve as their cell phones.
In the series there is a strong message in favor of the traditional family model. Especially in the first chapters, the mother is blamed for leaving her husband and is portrayed as a villain who wants to take them away from him, when Georgy only shows signs of not being able to take care of them properly. There is even a certain demonization of divorce as a concept, which clashes with the kind of content Netflix tends to air, generally alien to this conservatism. Despite this, the family gags are quite funny and the season is very enjoyable, if a bit long.

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