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The truth is that I loved it, it has many scares at the right moments and during the movie there is a lot of tension, there was a moment when I wished it would end soon, not because I didn’t like it, but because I was tense from the beginning to the end.
After so long, finally a good movie. I believe that sometimes persistence pays off, or else how else to explain the fact that for so long, so long that I can’t even remember, I haven’t seen one, but a single decent movie, so to speak.
It wasn’t until last night, that without many expectations, this movie surprised me, and it did because already from the introduction something different was evident in it, to tell what it is about or what happens, I prefer not to do it because it would take away the emotion and element of surprise that this movie contains, I could say thousands more things, but I prefer to leave it highly recommending it and hoping that movies with this quality continue coming out, and that Christian Alvart continues directing because apparently he has only 3 or 4 films and he really has a good hand for this.

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Thomas Hobbes starts from the premise “man is the wolf of man”. Then each individual yields his rights to defend himself by his own means, to an instance that we call state, which dictates regulates and enforces the rules to which we decide to conform. This draws a dividing line, on this side good and on the other side evil.
But to whom then such a confession? To a wounded wolf, who could attack him but cannot, because he is wounded or to be exact, caged. To someone who considers his mirror image. What I mean. Someone who has similar impulses but whose conscience has been able to be framed (relatively) in the law, to put it in other words could “NOT pass to the act” and here is the big difference that separates them despite their mental similarities.
In short, an excellent series full of nuances and far from those in which the good guys are always good and the bad guys are always despicable. A painting of the psychopath like few others and with perfect performances.
A police series that is approached as one would like a work of the genre to be. A crime to be solved, and an investigation that opens like a gradual fan towards all the victim’s links, which many times will have to be explored not without obstacles. There is a very precise first chapter, very fair in its length and content, very appropriate in the way it weaves the threads, and consequently very promising. However, with the development of the story we will feel that the narrative begins to extend more than necessary, with some facts, places and people that will divert us from the focus of the crime to be addressed.

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Cuando la madre de Olivia, de 10 años, se va de viaje de negocios durante el fin de semana, deja a Olivia sola en casa con su hermano Miles, de 17 años, a cargo. La primera noche, Olivia se queda dormida en el sofá y se despierta sin darse cuenta de lo tarde que es. Pasea a su perro Charlie sin que Miles lo sepa, y es testigo del secuestro de una joven en las calles vacías de Nueva York. Olivia corre a casa y se lo cuenta a Miles, pero él no la cree. A la mañana siguiente, explica lo sucedido a la policía local y ésta tampoco la cree. Sólo una cínica detective llamada Dottie (Susan Sarandon) escucha a Olivia, pero ella también es escéptica.

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Gracias por recordármelo, se me escapa. He actualizado el plugin y lo encontrarás en la beta. El único problema que no he solucionado es el de “Release Date fill in Release publication”, ya que no he encontrado la fecha de publicación en ninguna de las páginas de DVD que he probado.
cada vez que descargo desde filmaffinity y el género de la película tiene más de 1 campo, los mezcla todos. así que en lugar de tener géneros separados como acción, aventura y comedia, sólo tiene 1 campo acción, aventura y comedia.
en mi caso filmaffinty no encuentra casi ninguna pelicula.por ejemplo al buscar “el reino de los cielos” no devuelve resultados y si busco en la pagina web desde firefox veo que hay resultados.lo mismo pasa en muchas mas peliculas conocidas (casi el 95% de los resultados no se encuentran).esta db es una gran ayuda si funciona bien ya que todas mis peliculas son en español!!! gracias
Muchas gracias Connor, realmente un gran trabajo, ahora funciona bien para mi.El ultimo problema ahora es la portada, no se pone en la pelicula, pero es posible obtener solo la portada la otra gran pagina para eso?http://www.alpacine.comRemember, solo la portada.Eso fue muy muy genial para mi.Gracias de antemano y lo siento por mi ingles.Y felicitaciones por ese maravilloso soft.