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Few things in my life have had as great a transformative capacity as meditation has. One of the most important skills that, from experience, I know we gain from practicing meditation is the ability to observe our thought process. To be able to observe it, detaching and moving away from it. To stop …
It was my first time practicing Yoga Nidra. I was lying on the floor in Shavasana posture after an Ashtanga Vinyasa workshop. I fell asleep immediately, even though I was trying hard not to fall asleep. I heard the teacher in the background, quite far away, naming words that seemed random. Sea. Sand. Rain. Trees. Me …

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As I am very curious and I like to be well informed, what I did to solve all these doubts I had was to take an online course about yoga and meditation. The course talked about its history, the different types of yoga, the postures and their benefits, and the importance of breathing. In short, what you really need to know is that yoga can be approached in many ways, more or less spiritual, and there are many types. But above all it is a union between your mind and your body that will bring you many physical and mental benefits. And that it is fundamental to BREATHE.
This option can be free, with many online channels. I recommend Marina Buedo Yoga and Linda Sol Yoga. Although there are many more, the key is to find a teacher who inspires you and transmits that calmness that yoga needs. A good professional who explains correctly the postures and how to execute them.  There are also paid platforms that have videos of different teachers and routines.  Anyway, the main advantage of this option is that it is very cheap and also offers a lot of flexibility to choose when and how many times a week you do yoga. The main disadvantage is that the teacher is not watching you and can not correct your posture, there is no feedback that is sometimes very necessary during the beginning.

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If you’ve already turned Youtube into your virtual gym, it’s time to look for something else: the perfect combination of exercise and peace that yoga brings. And for you to do it from the living room of your home, here are the perfect Youtube channels to train if what you like is yoga. Namaste!
Youtube is a good ally to achieve it thanks to the best fitness channels it contains. Why stop now? Any time is a good time to get off the couch and move or, why not, to start practicing yoga. In case you need a plus of motivation we have selected for you the best YouTube channels with which you can learn and do yoga in your own home. And if you’re more of an Instagram person,
The best Youtube channels to do yoga: Give yoga to your lifeWith the 200 videos about yoga that Sarah has recorded for this channel it is impossible for you not to get in shape. You can get started perfectly in this discipline thanks to their guided classes or dedicate yourself to search among the playlist the asanas that best suit your specific needs because they have everything from exercise routines to soothe specific pains to facial yoga.